Friday - August 18th, 2017

Osborne’s former Chief of Staff slams former boss for being “too gloomy” on Brexit

George Osborne has been slammed by his own former Chief of Staff for being too negative about Brexit.

Rupert Harrison served Osborne between 2006 and 2015, but is in despair at his former boss’ relentless whinging.

Osborne is now editor of the London Evening Standard and may as well dip each edition in a bucket of sour grapes before he sends it to print, as demonstrated by his relentless negative articles about Theresa May:

And he’s just run an editorial saying that in Brexit negotiations, money is the easy bit. What is hard is deciding what we want from the rest of our Brexit negotiations. The article reads: “When Europe turns to Brexit Britain this autumn and says “tell us what you want”, our reply will be ‘we don’t know’. It turns out that handing over the money is going to be easy part.”

Handing over the money would be the easy part for loadsa jobs George, but in actual fact we don’t have to. Britain has no legal obligation to pay the EU a penny and that money could be better spent on pubic services at home.

He also talks about Britain being held to ransom by Ireland over the soft or hard border debate. It’s this kind of non-stop negativity from bitter Remoaners that is holding Britain back. They would rather Britain failed just so they could say they were right. Pathetic.

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