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Portugal 2-2 Mexico 2017 Confederations Cup: Match report and action

90'+3' GAME OVER! 2-2 it ends. Two very similar halves of football provide four goals and a great game of football!

90'+3' Andre Gomes booked for saying something to the referee presumably? It was long after the goal as Mexico went to kick off and restart the goal.

90'+2' YES THEY CAN! Hector Moreno gets a head to Dos Santos' corner and he finishes beyond Patricio.

90'  Corner at the death for Mexico. Carvalho clears it. Can they score!

90'  Up the other end and Gelson Martins gets turns and shoots as it slides wide.

89'  Chicharito with a chance to level things but his first touch is brutal and it goes straight to Patricio.

88'  After a quick check for the VAR, we have a goal! the referee stalls things for a second before the restart.

86' GOAL! Ochoa so unlucky. He was caught out with a deflection in the end. Cedric Soares strikes it after getting it from a Gelson Martins cross that Herrera can't control.

85'  What a save! Ball comes in from the left and Andre Silva meets it with his head, sending it into the opposite corner. Ochoa reaches out and gets a hand to it! Brilliant save.

82' Quaresma is replaced by AC Milan new boy, Andre Silva. Quaresma can be happy with his day's work as he scored and looked dangerous with a couple of chances.

81'  Ronaldo links up with Quaresma and the latter drives a shot low at Ochoa. He saves it and Mexico break. Gio Dos Santos gets it on the right and strikes with his left. He might have had better options inside but went alone. Game coming to life now.

80'  Peralta's first involvement is a foul on Fonte. as the pair battle for the ball.

79' Peralta replaces Raul Jimenez.

78'  Martins lets Ronaldo in but he turns and plays it to Martins, who gives it to Gomes. The three heavily involved now as Portugal try to make something. Mexico holding firm. 

76'  Gomes fouls Jonathan Dos Santos. 

75'  Another Mexico attack breaks down. They're trying but not able to manage anything worthwhile this half. 

73'  Quaresma lining up the cross with his right. Way to much mustard on that one. Gelson Martins gets it before it goes out for a throw but is tackled. Throw is the result in the end.

72'  Ronaldo fouled by Guadrado. A little awkward from that anlge but a decent left foot might be able to coax it towards goal.

70'  Guardado tries to play it to Layun on the left to help Mexico build an attack but they're on different pages and Portugal get it back. 

69'  Layun fires the free over.

68' Adrien Silva gets booked for a foul on Gio Dos Santos. Quite a cheeky trip as the Mexican raced by him.

66' Salcedo, who had an ankle issue earlier jogs off and Nestor Araujo comes on in his place.

65'  Portugal lacking energy in the middle of the field and up front. Allowing Mexico so much of the ball.

Layun the defender who boxed Martins out. 

63'  Ronaldo plays it through to Martins but Mexico do well to get back and he can't make it to the ball. Mexico building again.

56' Nani is replaced by Gelson. Adrien replaces Moutinho.

56' Carlos Vela is replaced by Gio Dos Santos..

55'  Nani puts Ronaldo away down the right. He turns and plays to Queresma. Chance looks to be gone as Portugal think of a new way to attack before losing it again.

54'  Similar start we are seeing here. Mexico controlling much of the play but nothing doing so far. 

53'  Guerreiro nearly makes another costly mistakes as he gifts it to Dos Santos but he runs into trouble and Portugal reover.

51'  Raul Jimenez has a crack. Blocked by Pepe and put out for a corner.

50'  Ronaldo tries to pass inside but Salcedo blocks it with his left foot and gets his ankle caught in the ground. Looked like a sore one. He's up and at them again though.

49'  Lethal ball in from a free by Guardado but nobody can reach it.

47'  Mexico the protagonists again to start this half.

46'  The second half is underway! 

Mexico also enjoying 56% possession. They've been very good in the first half but looking vulnerable at the back.

Chicharito is far more accurate with his head than he is with his feet.

We've got a game on our hands here. Both sides with plenty of chances. Seven for Poertugal and nine for Mexico and a host of almost chances.

45'  Hernandez has a chance but he hits it way over the bar! He has a look down at the ground to see if it was a lump in the ground that caused the wayward shot. Nobody's falling for that one, Javier! That's how the half ends. 1-1 and all to play for.

43'  Chicharito hits the ground as Cedric crashes into him from behind. The Mexican winces but shakes it off.

39'  Raphael Guerreiro with a nightmare just before it.

39' GOAL! If there was going to be one, it was going to be Vela to Chicharito. The former cross to the latter and the Little Pea heads beyond Rui Patricio.

38'  Ronaldo with a backheel to Quaresma and he hesitates, nearly falls over the ball, before eventually getting a shot away that creeps wide. Nice move from Portugal again.

37'  Mexico's best chance. Vela with a teasing cross that finds Chicharito but he can't beat Patricio as his header hits the ground first, which takes the heat off it. 

34' GOAL! Quaresma almost walsk it into the net. Ronaldo breaks free and realises he won't make it so he turns, almost feigns a pass backwards before cutting it inside to a free Quaresma.

33'  Carvalho swings a harmless cross towards the penalty area but Reyes heads it and it takes off towards the goal. It nearly dips over Ochoa but lands on the top of the net. 

32'  Quaresma fouled again in the middle of the field. Hint of him buying that one. 

29'  Nope. Vela looks for Layun down the left but too much hot sauce on it. Easy for Patricio.

28'  Vela has Patricio scrambling with the free but it just can't find it's way inside the post. 

27'  Mexico's pressing works out as Fonte puts it out for a throw. Chicharito wins a free shortly after as Andre Gomes fouls the Bundesliga hitman.

26'  Cedric breaks down the right and Quaresma feeds him but Ochoa does well to close him down and saves to put it out for a corner.

25'  Vela squares but Quaresma clears. Portugal on the break now before Ronaldo plays it to Carvalho and they slow it down.

23'  Andre Gomes now with a chance. It's a swing and a miss as he can't make contact with the ball. Quaresma hits the follow-up and Ochoa saves.

Moutinho clipped the ball back in and Pepe was offside. NO GOAL! Well done, VAR. Replays suggest it was spot on.

  GOAL! We think. Ronaldo rattles the bar with a shot. 22'  Pepe score as it comes back in but it has been ruled out by the VAR machine.

20'  He does. But he hits the wall. Probably didn't have enough juice to beat Ochoa anyway.

19'  Quaresma fouled by Guardado. Central but too far out for a shot...unless you're Cristiano Ronaldo, of course! He might fancy this one.

18'  Borussia Dortmund's Raphael Guerreiro scoops one towards Ronaldo but it's way too far and Ronaldo barely gives chase.

17'  Quaresma from outside the box. He gets the ball onto his left but strikes wide. Ochoa dives but he had it covered and the dive was more of a safety measure.

Jimenez, striker for Benfica and formerly Atletico Madrid, gets in behind the back four but he's offside. Mexico looking really dangerous at times.

15'  Vela wins a corner for Portugal. He's lucky too that it came off a Portugal player last as he swung a kick at it and missed. 

14'  Layun takes it down the left. Jimenez gets it as it's swng across the field to him. Still no dice against that Portuguese defense.

12'  Mexic full of energy up front on and off the ball. They are pressing Portugal relentlessly when given the chance. 

10'  portugal starting to gain a grip on this one.

8'  Nani catches an elbow to the head and hits the ground. Play stops as he gathers his composure. He went into the aerial duel with Hector Moreno.

Guardado hits it but it catches Fonte in the wall and then hits a Mexico player before going out for a restart.

Vela makes a move into the danger area and he is fouled by Nani. Slightly awkward angle to shoot from with the free but might be worth considering. 

Mexico have started the better here. Nothing to show for it though as Portugal's defense standing tall. 

Jimenez caught offside as he battles with Pepe for the ball. ice header on by Chicharito. 

Chicarito bundled over and wins a free. Lively start by Mexico. Cedric the perp n the foul!

Pepe plays it forward to Ronaldo but his flick can only find a Mexico player.

1'  We are underway! Mexico the team who get us underway. They'll be hoping it's the last time they kick-off tonight.

A minute's silence held for those who perished in the Portuguese fires recently.

The national anthems have been sung and handshakes exchanged! Ready for action. 

It will be interesting to see if the talk surrounding the reigning Ballon d'Or winner will affect his performance tonight.

Javier Tebas came out and publicly backed Cristiano Ronaldo. "Knowing those around him, and how professional they are, I'm positive that Cristiano is innocent. We live at a time when any news about Spain's Tax Office means everyone is a fraudster. I'm sure he's innocent. From what I've read, I'm sure he hasn't committed any crime".

Manchester City new boy Bernardo Silva is not playing either!

Ronaldo before the warm-up* *This is not Ronaldo..

No irving Lozano in Mexico's starting XI. The Pachuca striker has been linked with a move to Celta Vigo recently.

And the Mexico starting line-up: Ochoa, Salcedo, Reyes, Moreno, Layun, Dos Santos, Herrera, Guardado, Vela, Jimenez and Hernández.

Here's the Portugal XI: Patrício, Cédric, Pepe, Fonte, Guerreiro, Moutinho, William Carvalho, André Gomes, Ricardo Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani

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